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Vault CEO Dr. Ashley Reynolds is lead author on several chapters in exciting new health technology publication.

Dr. Reynolds has lent his expertise to a new publication from Springer entitled, “Using Technology to Improve Care of Older Adults”. Grounded in a unique team-based geriatrics perspective, this book delivers a broad range of current, evidence-based knowledge about innovative technology that has the potential to advance the care and well being of older adults. It provides key information about the development, selection, and implementation of technology products, and describes research evidence, education-based initiatives, and systems thinking. The book also examines challenges and barriers to implementation, adoption and innovation.

From telehealth and assistive technology in the home to simulation and augmented reality in educational settings, the text provides a hands-on, field-tested articulation of how products can aid in the transitional care process, chronic care delivery, and geriatrics/gerontology education. It discusses technology developments in rural areas, home telehealth, wearable technology, personalized medicine, social robots, technology to assist seniors with cognitive impairments, the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance health care of older adults. The text is written to help health care professionals select the appropriate technology for their needs.

American Health Council Names Ashley Reynolds, PhD, RN, ACSM-HFS to Nursing Board.

Dr. Ashley Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer at Vault, has been selected to join the Nursing Board at the American Health Council. He will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on Health Technology, Disease Management, Health Promotion, Health Behavior, Managed Care, Emergency Nursing, and Critical Care.

With twenty-three years in the healthcare industry, Dr. Reynolds offers valuable insight in his role as CEO of Vault.

Following graduation with his Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Florida State College at Jacksonville in 1999, Dr. Reynolds earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, as well as an MS in Nursing Administration from Jacksonville University in 2006. He went on to complete a PhD in Nursing Science from the University of Florida in 2013. While studying there, he focused his research on health behaviors as well as digital health tools and age-related differences in their adoption. Dr. Reynolds also holds a Health Fitness Specialist certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine. To stay abreast of the latest in his field, Dr. Reynolds maintains memberships with The American Nurses Association, The American College of Sports Medicine, and The Society of Behavioral Medicine.

Dr. Reynolds became interested in the nursing profession as a Corpsman in the Navy, where he was inspired to attain his registered nursing degree. Looking back, Dr. Reynolds attributes his success to his ongoing dedication to lifelong learning, family support, and passion for making the world a healthier place.

As a testament to his success, Dr. Reynolds has published work on a variety of topics, such as technology and healthcare engagement in aging, technology in health education, technology design in frailty, digital health applications, and technology in population health programs. He is also a nationally recognized thought leader on health technology and sits on several leading committees, including The Digital Health Council for The Society for Behavioral Medicine and The Population Health Alliance (PHA) engagement committee. Additionally, Dr. Reynolds is a frequent national speaker on health, well-being, population health, technology-mediated health behavior and the use of digital coaching tools to improve health. He has also shepherded the development of multiple award-winning mobile health applications and population health software platforms.

Dr. Ashley Reynolds, Named Leader in Nursing

Best in Nursing has named Dr. Ashley Reynolds, as a leader in nursing in an article posted on their website today

Selection for the American Health Council’s “Leaders in Nursing” award is reserved for those individuals who have exhibited exemplary conduct in their field. These nurse educators and professionals serve as the guiding light for advancement from the classroom to the consultation room to the ER floor. Leading by example, the difference begins with them.

“This is a tremendous honor,” says Dr. Reynolds, “I am grateful to receive this award and look forward to continuing my contribution to the profession I love.”

Technology and Engagement: How Digital Tools are Reshaping Population Health

Technology has the ability to drive engagement and enhance reach to positively impact the health of individuals. Determining which technologies best support your engagement strategy and how to measure can be challenging. This recently released Population Health Alliance paper, co-authored by Vault’s Dr. Ashley Reynolds and other thought leaders in the digital health space, provides guidance and practical considerations to incorporating technology in your population.