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Our Process

Over many years our team has developed a winning process that begins with a discovery period where we evaluate your internal processes, procedures and teams to identify gaps. We help you see things you are doing well, and things which may need further intervention. We share our findings with you prior to initiating any work. This stage includes a documented project plan, gap analysis, and guidance on next steps. We collaborate with you and your staff to ensure that we are meeting your needs every step along the way.

Once you have agreed on our approach, we assist with documentation of workflows, operational processes, writing/updating policies, procedures, program plans, and measurement plans to ensure they your needs as well as comply with guidelines. We can lead and document internal meetings to provide evidence of compliance as needed. We are with you every step of the way and can also attend surveyor meetings as needed to support your efforts for accreditation.

Finally, we supply a final summary report to you and your team along with recommendations for maintaining these new programs and processes after our work has completed.

Population Health

With over 75 years of combined clinical and population health experience, our team can help you design, implement and analyze population health programs, including: care/disease management, wellbeing/wellness, transitional care, and care coordination.

Digital Engagement Strategy

Our team includes nationally recognized experts on digital health engagement. We can help you design, evaluate, and integrate digital tools into your overall engagement strategy. Don’t make a costly mistake by not properly vetting digital tools and ensuring they meet you and your customer’s needs. Let us show you how to deliver motivating messages that prompt action.

Accreditation Support

Accreditation and certifications represent a significant commitment of time, money and resources. You want to be sure you maximize your chance of success, whether this is your first time, or 10th.

We have a proven track record of success leading organizations through the accreditation process. Let us help you with NCQA (WHP, HA, DM, HPA, HIP), URAC (DM, Call Center, Health Web Site, Health Content Provider), and HEDIS reporting.

Quality Improvement

You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

Whether it’s to document QI activities for an upcoming audit, or simply to identify areas for improvement within your organization, Vault will help you create, measure and document a robust quality improvement program.

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